A bit more about me and my blog

So here we both are. Welcome.

I started blogging as an experiment in a year of major personal change as I leave my job of 18 years and look forward to a new life of, of… I don’t really know what yet.

This blog chronicles the changes; the ups and downs and the sideways of it all. A year ago I couldn’t have contemplated writing a blog, so in itself it is a significant marker of how far I’ve come. But there’s a lot further to go as I endeavour to re-emerge into the World. This is not just about leaving a job, it’s about shedding an old skin and hopefully emerging wearing a new one that fits better!

These days we have an opportunity in our middle years; life after 50 is no longer a slippery slope to retirement. We are living longer and we will work longer, so we need to look at ‘middle age’ quite differently. I can hardly bring myself to say ‘middle age’ – its a dirty word (or two) that I don’t really want to be defined by.

This 20 year epoch has the potential to be the most enjoyable yet. By this age we’ve got through our formative years and we’re either seasoned parents or well-established in life without children. We’ve shed some of the affectations and pressures of youth. We have experience if not wisdom on our side.

So in principle these years are ours to relish and I’m just wondering if I’m capable of grasping the nettle? I really want to, in the name of all those people who don’t have the same chance. And of course for myself. Having found my 40s a ‘challenge’ I am hoping that I can make less of a hash of my 50s.

I think success is dependant on focussing on all the good things we have, accepting ourselves – warts and all and learning to be true to ourselves. These are all lessons I’m currently trying to learn and it’s not always easy.

The here and now is what matters, not the future. We need to enjoy the tune, not wait for the end of the song. Are we, am I, capable of living in the moment? I know some people are and I envy their maturity. Ultimately that’s how I feel: immature. A novice at life thus far.

I hope that this is a dawning about what really matters and what really doesn’t. I have everything crossed for myself and for any of you on the same journey.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. And yes I probably also need to lighten up! In any event I’d like to travel this road with some companions and I’d be delighted if you’d join me…


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