Dizzy heights

I’ve been too scared to write about this ’til now, for fear of jinxing my chances.

Today I pitched a small business idea to a panel of top business executives. An elevator pitch it was (a long elevator mind you) – a 3 minute whistle-stop tour of my idea. The aim? To hopefully convince the corporate whizzes that I should be included on a business support / mentoring programme. I really want to be part of it. I want some professional guidance and to be able to think ideas through with other people. I’m not very good by myself.

So since hearing that I was shortlisted last week, I’ve practised and practised; refined my words, paced up and down, tested my outfit, sorted my props, changed my outfit, done my sums, redone my sums, honed my words, dreamt my words, slept my words and eaten my words. It’s true to say that I’ve done quite a lot of prep for this.

And the GOOD thing, the really good thing, is that compared to the other occasions in my life when I’ve faced presentations or scary meetings, I’ve mostly been fairly relaxed. I’ve even had glimpses of a notion that actually maybe it just might be okay.

THIS is a major breakthrough! We do terrible things to ourselves, don’t we? And one of the terrible things I’ve done to myself, over many years is to make situations like this almost impossible to survive, not literally but effectively. So this new possibility, not just of survival but maybe even of thriving, has been A-M-A-Z-I-N-G and uplifting.

So this morning I took myself and my carefully honed elevator pitch to Canary Wharf. And just as I thought I was on top of it all I realised exactly where I had to go…

Yes THAT one!

Yes THAT one!

In the actual Canary Wharf building; number 1 Canada Square, with the famous pointy top! Sorry I missed the point(y top) from where I was stood, and was too distracted to go looking for better shots, but you get the idea. Here was I with my little idea, pitching it into the middle of London’s financial hub. Intimidated. Me? Yes.

All my calm and resolve whooshed away like a leaf on the breeze. So I texted Danny a little ‘Eek!’ And quick as a flash he texted straight back:

“Enjoy your moment”.

And then, thanks to those little words of woven gold I remembered the other possibility; the GOOD possibility of survival, of not making a fool of myself, of maybe even coming out feeling good and well.

So, restored and ready thanks to Danny I went to the tower, rode the lift – would’ve been good to have done the pitch in the elevator – and then delivered my 3 minute masterpiece. Just like that.

It went so fast that I can’t remember most of it. I think I said most things as I planned, but I’m not sure. There are whole paragraphs of eloquence that may or may not have made it across the room. For all I know they may still be hanging there.

Crazy really, that all that preparation culminated in just 3 minutes of showtime. But it was worth it, worth the planning. If there’s one thing I know about myself it’s that I function better if I’m prepared. I don’t fly by the seat of my pants easily; I prefer a pre-arranged plane seat, thank you very much.

So I came away relieved and faintly happy. Yes happy. I think I really DID enjoy my moment. I even made the panel laugh at one point. And not because I embarrassed myself.

So, flushed with success, and relief, I went for a coffee. In Rome.


Well it felt like Rome. Hard to believe I was in the middle of London, although in most directions there were an awful lot of suits to remind me of my locality. Anyway I enjoyed the moment. Savoured it.

Maybe I can look forward to THIS in my new life. Coffee on sunny terrazzas and warm glow-y feelings. Aaaaaah…

Long may it last. And may you have that same feeling as well. We all deserve it.


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6 Responses to “Dizzy heights”

  1. Lucy Says:

    Well done you. I felt quite glowy after running up and down manically in the park with photos of hair and thermos flasks! xxx

  2. lorraine fossi Says:

    My dear Clare,
    I just love reading you! It is like I was there myself from the bottom to the height of THiS, top to the top of the impressive tower with its elevator, just miss the view you have from there but I guess you were too busy making your show, convincing these business guy, getting all their attention on YOU. I am like you, I always feel better if I know what I am talking about and can only convince someone that my ideas are good if I think they are, that they have been thought through and that they have convinced myself that I could not have done better. What you have achieved is just great because whatever the result you know that you have done your very best. Also if these are not convinced, do not think it is about your idea, it will be about themselves. You did the good, very good job, their choice is not in your control. You know that and that is why you enjoyed so much a coffee in Roma.. Yet I hope and you might too that they will come back convinced and happy.
    I think that you could write novels, because your writing is really uplifting and keeps the reader on suspens, I cannot wait to know what will happen next.
    Best, Lorraine

    • eethree Says:

      Thank you Lorraine! That’s so lovely of you. Yes I have everything crossed – I hope to hear tomorrow…
      Watch this space!

  3. rachel Says:

    Darling Clare, couldn’t put it better than Lorraine. You are brave and wonderful, in addition to being creative. And thank you for describing it so wonderfully that your friends could be there with you. When will you know? x

    • eethree Says:

      Rachel, thank you. I can’t tell you how much it means to get such supportive comments! I haven’t heard anything yet – I still have everything crossed, which is getting a little uncomfortable, but it’s worth it. X

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