Much ado about nothing…

You know when you have a lovely day planned and then it all goes horribly wrong? Welcome to our Saturday. We visited our friends Rachel & John in the Cotswolds and went with them and their wee boy Ollie, to Stratford-upon-Avon to join in the celebrations for Shakespeare’s 449th birthday. So far so lovely.

RSC theatre exterior

The sun is out. What could possibly go wrong?

But then. Well then Danny and Elsa decided to have a bit of a row; a lot of a row actually. One of those typical father-daughter encounters; “I’m your father…”, “But it’s not fair…” “Don’t speak to me like that…” “You never listen to me…”  etc, etc… It spiralled and spiralled and got very unpleasant until they actually started scrapping. I thought they were joking to begin with – hence the photo, but then I realised it wasn’t funny.

Elsa and Dan hairpulling

Awful. What do you do when your supposedly mature husband starts fighting with your first born? No one wanted to step in, least of all me, but I had to do something, FAST, before someone got properly hurt.

Oh I can’t keep this up! Actually we joined a fantastic workshop at the RSC theatre to learn stage fighting: how to pull hair, slap, punch and strangle one another with dramatic effect but no injury whatsoever. Great fun and a neat way to release some pent up emotion. We learned an impressive array of techniques and I also realised I was doing something that I wouldn’t have contemplated a year ago. Woo hoo.

I can’t possibly tell you all the secrets from the class – I’d have to kill you afterwards (which I can now do in a variety of ways of course – you choose). But suffice to say you need bunny ears to strangle someone properly, sometimes you need to hand over the nap and it’s not essential for your victim to have any hair in order for you to pull them by it.

RSC fight collage

After the class we shared our new skills with the rest of the gang, who’d been off listening to enthralling Greek myths and soon we were all attacking one another with gay abandon.

I am  a little worried about the kids going to school next week and showing off their newly learned fighting skills around un-suspecting teachers who might wade in before they realise the full story. Especially Ollie. He’s only 6.

kids on trampoline

trampoline + sunshine + friends = heaven

A weekend away is such a wonderful thing. So nice to get away from the inner-machinations of my own head and focus on some important stuff like good friends, family and simple pleasures. And of course I always like a celebration.


Oompa, oompa! Happy Birthday Will!

And who’d have thought we’d come back to London’s East End after a weekend in the genteel English countryside with impressive fighting skills.


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2 Responses to “Much ado about nothing…”

  1. Linda Carmody Says:

    Sounds like something I could have done with, 2 hours into the 3 hour walk I went on with my lovely Ada of the eleventh year. Luckily the 3rd hour of trail walking always seems better than the first two which was lucky as the biscuits hae run out! Good going!

    • eethree Says:

      Hi Linda, I’m not sure that a stage fighting lesson would’ve done you much good. More biscuits would’ve been better, perhaps from our Easter biscuit making marathon. But well done both of you!

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