It all adds up, hopefully…

First things first, WHAT is going on with the weather?  Like everyone else I’ve had ENOUGH. I’m taking it personally now and I’m not happy. Nor is Alice…

retro bad weather

These retro weather fridge magnets came with a few suns but I don’t even know where they are. Gathering dust under the fridge I expect, useless as they are.

Michael Fish is not the only one sporting a black cloud around here. Currently there is a LOT of maths happening in this house. Too much methinks.

Elsa revealed yesterday (a week into the holiday – ho hum) that she’s been given a 10 page maths booklet to complete. 2 week holiday, 5 working days in each week, 10 pages to complete. You do the maths, oh no wait; we’re doing the maths. So it’s a double page of tricky maths every weekday over the holidays. Weekends off. Thank you Mr. Teacher.

However as we’ve only just started this homework, thank you Ms. Elsa, we have a considerable amount to achieve in not much time. We even had our lunch amid the paperwork today.

homework table


I say ‘we’, but of course it’s Elsa’s homework. However I am fearful of leaving her to this scary booklet; maths is already a subject that she sometimes feels unconfident about. It’s a common dilemma I/we/most parents have – whether and when to step in and help. Unlike maths, parenting questions rarely have a simple answer. And often, whatever course of action we take feels wrong. Or is that just me? I think not. Perpetual guilt it’s called. And it’s one of the joys of parenting.

As a counterpoint to the muddle that is parenting, I actually quite like maths usually. I like the certainty of it. The maths problems I can get my head round have either a right or wrong answer and I find comfort in that. For my new freelance-self I find myself doing bookkeeping for some friends businesses and although I’ve now got to get my head around software packages, I’m quite enjoying dusting off the principles of debit and credit, T accounts and trial balances. Scary but true. Hence I found myself looking up accountancy tutorials at 7.30 this morning. Oh joy!

The interweb is such an amazing resource – tutorials on EVERYTHING you could wish for. Mind you I’ve yet to find an entertaining accountancy tutorial. But the answers are all out there, it’s knowing how to ask the right questions that matters now.

However these tutorials, in combination with helping Elsa with her maths homework means I think I may have hit sums overload. I have numbers swimming in front of my eyes and they’re not making sense.

As it’s Friday I think it may be time to abandon ship, cut a pizza into fractions – equal quarters of course and relax.

cat on homework

Luckily it’s not the final homework she’s sitting on.

Have a great weekend World.


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2 Responses to “It all adds up, hopefully…”

  1. rachel Says:

    Maths homework, oh god, I can’t bear the thought of it. I was so happy when I stopped ever having to do any maths at school. We (Ollie and us) are still at the stage of finding cuboids or rectangles around the house in order to complete his maths homework. This I can do!

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