Tears of joy

Alice swimming in tears

Alice swimming in her own tears. Illustration by John Tenniel, from the original Alice in Wonderland

Oh dear. This leaving work business is creating some strange effects. I spent quite a bit of time yesterday in tears or welling up. Often for no apparent reason. Some examples:

Tears of joy at listening to an amazingly fab choir perform, with my littlest and her friends singing their hearts out.
Tears of frustration at not being able to shove my purse in my bag.
Tears of crossness at not being able to get into a secondhand bookshop ‘cos it wasn’t open yet.
Tears of relief at discovering that my Dad’s flu isn’t pneumonia.
Tears of onion when making supper.

But I finished the day with tears of laughter, watching Micky Flanagan on a pre-recorded telly show. He funny. He rude. He sharp. He cockerney.

If you’re prepared for a bit of toilet ish humour (and I don’t recall any swearing in this bit) here’s a sequence from the Micky Flanagan show we watched. It reminds me of the time I went to New Delhi. Ho hum.

I will start today with yoga and I will NOT be thinking of this sequence as, with the gentlest of pushes I bend and stretch into a drier day.


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2 Responses to “Tears of joy”

  1. Lucy Says:

    I also cried in that concert, so you weren’t alone there… xxx

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