Buzzing and bending

Eee, my leetle brain is buzzing today! There’s so much to think about, consider, decide, work on and work up; all to be achieved without getting worked up, ideally…

At times I’m finding it hard to contain my excitement (oh how I love predictive text – with a typo that came up as ‘cisterns’) about all the possibilities for the future. In itself it’s an amazing feeling and how lucky I am to feel like this, but I also need to be careful, careful that I don’t blow the lid off the pressure cooker.

My way of dealing with this is a new found love of exercise. I used to swim when I was in my 20s, then kind of lost my motivation and the time in my 30s, something to do with children maybe? But now, I’m pleased to say I’m back on track. Alongside swimming I now do yoga and pilates several times a week; whenever I can fit it in around work and family life.

yoga yoyo

yoga yoyo

I feel quite evangelical about it, especially yoga: it makes such a difference to how I feel. At it’s best it’s like a complete reset for body and mind and it always leaves me walking taller.

I don’t practice a particular type of yoga – I don’t even really know what the different types are. Because I go to different classes each week according to my schedule, it means I experience a range of teachers, each with their own style and approach.

I’m no yoga expert and when I started I found it hard to even coordinate movement and breath. But over time there’s definitely been an improvement. Increased flexibility, strength and openness that just wasn’t there before. Years of closing myself down mentally and physically are being reversed. Wo hoo!

Last Sunday the guy next to me was like a restless horse; gangly limbs he couldn’t quite control, lots of heavy breathing and snorting and a few failed fences. I reckon he might’ve had a hangover, so all things considered I think he did really well. Of course I should’ve been able to zone him out, able to focus on my own practice regardless, but I’m not good enough for that. And anyway it was funny.

I urge everyone to try yoga and I wish children were taught some yoga stretches and breathing exercises at school. If you’re equipped to slow yourself right down and give yourself a break when you need to, then life becomes that bit easier to deal with in the first place – you know you have the antidote.

The chaos and complexity of life doesn’t go away and actually I don’t particularly want to walk around in a zen like state, un-touched by the sharp, point-y bits of life, but with yoga I think it’s possible to manage it a bit more successfully.

My next step – on the recommendation of today’s teacher – is to start doing a few stretches or sequences at home sometimes. It’s timely advice for me. Now that I’m joining the freelance world my chances to attend formal classes might reduce, so I need to have an alternative in place. I’m convinced that as I try and carve out a new career, yoga will be invaluable; vital to my well-being and therefore of benefit to everyone around me as well!

Go on, give it a try, you just might love it.


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2 Responses to “Buzzing and bending”

  1. Marie Says:

    I definitely need to be able to zone out somewhere! Maybe I can learn the art of the zoning out and put it to good use at home!?
    Will be going to my first session within the next week, any hints or tips for me? Other than no beans the day before….

  2. eethree Says:

    Yay, go for it! I’m sure you’ll love it, just don’t set your sights too high too soon. Give yourself time and remember it’s not a competition. Listen to your body and do what it tells you – apart from ‘lets go home’ that is…

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