A bright spot on a rainy day

So Spring lasted a day! Back to grey rain today. Sigh.

But wait what’s this?

Alice WBD

Alice World Book Day

Amid the rain it’s Alice dressed as Cindy Lou from the Dr Seuss story, How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Today is World Book Day. It’s one of the highlights of our school year, especially as we’re a bit fond of dressing up in our house. Alice piled on the frothy skirts and we got up extra early in order to plait her hair with wire and pile it onto her head with a bird in the middle. Of course.


World Book Day is a fantastic annual event that brings books to life through the children that read them. Perfect. I only wish they did something at secondary schools. Surely as children get older that’s the time to keep them engaged with reading; when they’re in danger of swerving off into a world of make-up, video games, girl/boyfriends and TV? Or is that just in my house?

You know what, I’ve just checked and there’s a section for teenagers on WBD’s website. Ah ha! Mental note to self: check facts first…


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5 Responses to “A bright spot on a rainy day”

  1. Kylie Says:

    Loving it R Clur….keep going sweetxxx Love Kyliex

  2. Kel Lou Says:

    alice looks amazing xxxx

  3. It’s grey and rainy in Barcelona today… | This Rosy Life Says:

    […] A bright spot on a rainy day (eethree.wordpress.com) […]

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